Truth in Society

February 14, 1995

Prompt #55

The occasions again

We've done a first assessment of how many "Occasions" everyone has responded to in writing. We're sure we've missed some from last term, and we're inviting you to help us fill in any blanks. We're distributing a sheet with all the occasions listed, and a space for you to fill in which ones you did, to check against our records. Please get it back today if you can (bring it to the 4:00 meeting).

On the basis of the information we have, the number of responses ranges between 10 and 0. Our expectation is that by the end of the year each person in the section will have attended a minimum of eight. This means that if you've attended only a couple so far you need to find some things to get to, and organize some other people to accompany you.

This term, because the bulletin board is available, each occasion potentially counts twice -- once for the original response, and once for your thoughtful reaction to someone else's response. This doesn't affect the minimum of eight occasions, but will allow you to count responses to occasions in place of other work you've missed.

If you do more than the minimum, we will count up to five extras toward any other work you happen to have missed. Less than the minimum will mean a lowering of your minimum grade (the one determined by sheer participation).

Please remember that, like much else in this course, this is not a matter of doing what you're assigned, but of being an active participant in the creation of the curriculum. Go out, find out what's going on on campus, organize some others, and do it.

We haven't been, and we're not going to be, bloody minded about whether eight people go, but the number should be substantial or the occasion should be particularly important. Similarly, we haven't insisted, and we're not going to insist, that the occasion be directly relevant to the theme of the program. We are going to insist from here on, however, that it be an Occasion -- that is, that it be something that's happening on campus or in Fredericton that was organized by some organization outside the course, and that it be approved by one of us.

Once we've checked your report against our records, we'll let you know what our numbers show. But we expect, as we did at the beginning, that most people will want to do more than the minimum in any case.

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