Truth in Society

February 21, 1995

Prompt #58

Moving towards decisions . . .

Today is "decision day." At 3:30 we will meet as a whole class to determine which "episodes of believing" will be the bases of our next set of investigations. Given our numbers and time-frame, we think we should aim for a minimum of three and a maximum of five.

We'll also begin the process of organizing these studies by setting up focus groups (consisting of eight to twelve individuals), and within focus groups working groups (of two to four individuals).

To prepare for these important decisions, you should read all of the original and expanded "feasibility studies." For our purposes today, each original and expanded feasibility study together constitute a description of a new potential focus. We'll collect all of these, make a number of copies of each, and place them in a box located in the front of EC120 by 10:00. (Some will be there earlier, but whatever we have to copy by about a quarter to nine will be there by 10.) Take one copy at a time, and return it promptly when you are finished with it. To help you keep track of the pros and cons of each topic, we've made a set of "rating sheets." Take one each time you pick up a description of a new potential focus. Hang on to them; bring them to the meeting at 3:30.

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