Truth in Society

March 16, 1995

Prompt #62

Today's agenda...

Our first order of business today is the one announced in prompt # 61: a discussion of the scheduling set out in that prompt. We want to make sure everyone understands and is OK with what will probably be happening between now and the end of term.

Second, there is a questionnaire. It's called The First- Year Academic Experience at St. Thomas University, and will be distributed to a whack of first-year students, including you. We are told it will take about a half-hour to fill out. We'll distribute the questionnaires before we disperse this morning. Please drop your completed form in "The Box" at the front of the room sometime before 4:00 pm.

Third, and probably most important, we suspect you will want to meet with your focus group colleagues in order to plan your day. Not surprisingly, each of the four focus groups is in a different place in its inquiry, and thus each needs different kinds of strategies to further its work. Perhaps you will want to meet with all your focus group colleagues, or maybe just with those with whom you share an angle or perspective or task. You may decide some or all of you need to meet in the library, or in the computer lab. Your group may well want to schedule a check-in meeting at the end of the day, either instead of or in addition to an initial meeting or meetings. You may want to meet with John or Russ or Thom, or you may not. These possibilities need to be considered and decided upon before your focus group disperses to work on the research reports due in Q: at the end of the day. (These reports, like the previous ones, will be moved to P: overnight. We suggest you take a look, between now and Tuesday, at all the files accumulated in your group's subdirectory in P:.)

If you want to set up any meetings, John and Russ are available from now until 11:30; Thom from now until 9:50, and all three of us are available from 1:00 to 2:15 this afternoon. We will be here in EC 120 at 1:00 pm to see if we can be of help to any group or individual.

* a reminder to those of you who told Russ you were interested in meeting with the UNB curriculum class: please meet here in EC 120 at 2:15 or as soon after as you can. We'll truck on over to Marshall D'Avray Hall together.

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