Truth in Society

March 30, 1995

Prompt #66

Receiving responses . . .

The first task is to deliver your responses to the draft chapters to their authors. Make sure that the ones you wrote are clearly addressed -- using, on each, either the name(s) of the author(s) or the chapter title. Remember to put your own name at the top too. We've designated drop off points in EC 120 for the four focus groups.

The second task this afternoon is to match up authors with the responses most useful to them. After you've deposited the responses you wrote on the appropriate tables, gather with your focus group colleagues around your own group's table, and sort the responses by chapter. Make decisions about who'll take responsibility for receiving which sets of responses.

Between now and opening meeting on Tuesday (at 8:30, as usual), record on the attached form the names of all the individuals who provided you with responses. Then read them carefully, thinking about ways in which you might use them as you go about revising your chapter next week.

Take seriously what all your colleagues have written. But use your judgment about how to handle each response. Some comments and suggestions you'll certainly want to act on. For a variety of reasons, others you may decide to ignore: they may be requests for information about areas that you think are tangential to your topic; they may be valid and interesting suggestions that are simply not feasible to pursue, given our time line; or you may not be able to figure out exactly what the person responding was getting at.

On the bottom section of the form, identify the four to six responses that you conclude will be most useful to you as you begin the process of revising your draft. Attach to the form a photocopy of each of these. (You'll want, of course, to keep the originals.) Explain (as much to yourself as to us) why you think the advice may be useful, and explore how you'll go about acting upon it. Do this separately for each response (you might write it on the bottom or back of the photocopy.)

Get this to one of us by 8:30 Tuesday.

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