Truth in Society

April 6, 1995

Prompt #69

Getting books ready for publication: checklist

By the end of the day today we figure you should have the text pretty well settled. There are quite a number of things that almost certainly remain to be done before the book is ready to be printed, however. We're planning on doing the actual printing out of the books on Tuesday; between now and then the following should be done to each chapter and to the whole of the book. We want these books to be something all of us can be proud of.

  1. Each chapter has to be identified with a title and author(s) and copy editing group. We would suggest that it look something like this:


    Chapter Title


    Your Name (and Somebody Else's Name?)

    copy edited by

    Someone's Name And Someone Else's Name)


    You can design another format if you want, but it should be consistent throughout the book.

  2. All headings in the book -- from chapter titles to section headings -- have to be consistent throughout the book.
  3. All bibliographical conventions have to be consistent throughout the book. That is, you can either use parenthetical references in the text (that's what we recommend and what virtually every discipline requires these days) or you can use footnotes, but not both. If you use parenthetical references, of course, there has to be a complete list of references at the end of the chapter or the book. And if you use footnotes you can either use notes at the bottom of the page or notes at the end of the chapter or notes at the end of the book, but not a mixture. (Thom, John or Russ will be happy to help with any of these.)
  4. Quotations and references must all be identified, and bibliographical references must be complete.
  5. The "framing material" -- introduction, epilogue, whatever -- has to be substantial and reflective enough to demonstrate learning and guide the reader.
  6. Formatting -- the way the text is laid out -- has to be consistent throughout the book, and should follow these principles:
No text is ready to be printed until all of this has been done throughout it, and until Russ, Thom or John has gone through the file to check for these issues. At that point we'll decide on how the final book should be formatted (type face, page layout and size, etc.)

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