Truth in Society

April 11, 1995

Prompt #70

Organizing the day

Each focus group will have different problems that need to be solved and tasks that need to be completed before their book is ready to be printed, photocopied and bound. John, Thom and Russ will be available to help, and to have a last look. We expect to have completed books from each group well before the end of the day (before noon, if all goes reasonably well); what needs to be done to get there is what we'll be doing.

Even assuming the photocopier is working well, it will still take some time for each book to be manufactured. Groups will have to make their own decisions about format, covers, etc., within the limits of what is practically possible. We'll be happy to suggest various possibilities.

At 9:15 we'll have about a 45 minute meeting to do some reflecting which will become part of the colleague acknowledgements process.

Thinking about What's Been Learned (at 9:15)

We've set up seven groups by using a computer program to list people so that the groups are as mixed as they can be. We're giving each of the groups a set of inksheds written on September 13, about, as we said then, "something you believe that not everyone you know and respect also believes. Putting it another way, . . . something that you believe and which someone whose opinion matters to you feels so differently about that you wouldn't discuss it casually. It might be a value, or an idea about how people are and why they act as they do. It might involve society and social behavior, science or the natural world, art or music."

As far as possible, the set of inksheds your group has should include your own. We're also including the responses that were written to them at the time. Read them with some care, thinking about the following questions:

When you've read them, thinking about those questions, take ten or fifteen minutes to write about what's changed, for you and for others.

Exchange what you write around your group. Read and mark the inksheds, and respond marginally if it seems appropriate. Mark them carefully and accurately, indicating passages long enough to be comprehensible out of context. We'll collect them and have the most-marked passages transcribed. They'll become a part of the process of reflecting on learning which we think should precede doing colleague acknowledgments. We'll distribute the selected portions this afternoon, along with the last prompt, which will explain how colleague acknowledgements will work this time.

Aside from that meeting, the day is open. John, Russ and Thom will be around to help. Use them.

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