Truth in Society

April 11, 1995

Prompt #71

And now for the home stretch . . .

If the courses that make up the Aquinas Program had a final examination that counted for, oh, say, 40 percent of the mark, you'd be planning to spend a substantial amount of time in the next few weeks studying for, and taking, examinations. We don't give exams in this program, but that doesn't mean we think we're all finished when the last class session ends. Over the next while -- taking about the amount of time you should normally budget for studying for, and taking, three final examinations -- there'll be three tasks to be accomplished.

  1. Colleague acknowledgements. We want to do this in a rather different way than we did the last time. So read this carefully, and ask -- either now, or later on email -- if there are parts of it that aren't clear.

    In P: there's a file called ACKS which includes a list of everyone in the course, and a set of categories. What we'd like you to do is this:

  2. Course evaluation. Here again, there's a file in P: -- this one is called EVAL. Again, copy it to H:, calling it EVAL.XXX, and fill it out. When you're done, send it as a file to SPARSONS (not to TRUTHFAC). As before, this is a categorical requirement. And also as before, we'll have no way of knowing what you specifically said, since Susan Parsons will strip off all identifying marks, and reformat the file into sets of responses to particular questions before sending it to me. But she will send us a list of who she received files from. This file needs to be sent to her before May 1 (since that's when marks are due).

  3. Permissions letter. Russ has sent everyone in the class a letter asking permission to quote your writing in his research, and explaining why he needs your permission. Fill out the bottom of the letter and forward it to SPARSONS (instructions for doing this are in the letter). This letter, like the Course Evaluation form, has to get to Susan Parsons before May Day.

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