Self-discipline is a must in the work world, no one will be pushing you on, if you don't do your work you are history. Here we learn self-discipline, a little slower and with a little help from our friends.

. . . there will be times that you get so frustrated with others and the work that you may want to give it up, but if you stick with it you will find that it was worth it.

Also, you will gain personal responsibility and valuable personality knowledge that is necessary for you to succeed in everyday reality it is a good basis for the work world we will all enter when our time at St. Thomas is done.

I appreciate the learning environment, being able to work at your own pace, and find your own answers makes the learning that much more important.

In the Truth and Society Program you will quickly learn that a lot of what you learn depends on you. If you are willing to learn the more that you will. A lot of the work is done in groups and you quickly learn how to compromise very different ideas so that everything fits together nicely it take awhile but you learn how to get through it.

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