Working with colleagues

Working with colleagues is usually a part of every job, the Aquinas program gives you a chance to see what works for you when working with a group of your peers on an important project.

In fact I often find myself wanting to do work so that I don't disappoint my colleagues. I find that very important. I don't want to be looked at as a slacker so I try my hardest to keep on top of things and to have an intelligent answer to the questions that may arise during discussions. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this class seems to bring out my best work habits and I'm glad that it does.

I have also learned how to work closely with people that I do not like to be around. This too, although it does not sound nice is a good asset to have. It isn't that I hate many people or even dislike many, but invariably there will be times in my life when I will have to work with people I don't like and this has been a good way for me to learn how to do it without becoming snotty or sarcastic.

I really like the way this [class] is set up because it lets us be independent yet at the same time a part of three other groups.I find that my group works exceptionally well together and we're all very eager in our "Search for the Truth".

In the Truth and Society Program you will quickly learn that a lot of what you learn depends on you. If you are willing to learn the more that you will. A lot of the work is done in groups and you quickly learn how to compromise very different ideas so that everything fits together nicely it take awhile but you learn how to get through it.

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