Quantitative results of CMS questionnaire

Here are the results, ranked according to the average rating for each question, in order of how interested people would be in that facet of a CMS. "Definitely interested" would be a 5; "Definitely not interested" would be a 1.

Updated 31 October; current number of respondents 59.

Average Short description of the question

4.632 Easy ability for the instructor to post course documents
4.596 Lists: At the most basic level
4.421 Easy access to and manipulation of student e-mail lists
4.105 Online record keeping abilities
4.018 Available existing libraries of teaching materials
4.018 Ability to offer potential students information about courses in advance of registration
3.737 Easy ability to import/export data from a spreadsheet
3.732 Lists: An option could allow everyone to post to the list
3.636 Easy hosting of a class bulletin board discussion forum (asynchronous)
3.596 Student access to online records
3.589 Lists: Another option could allow easy creation of sub-groups in a class
3.561 Access to materials co-ordinated with published textbooks
3.259 Easy creation of individual student web pages
3.193 Electronic submission of assignments
3.193 Ease in developing online tests or instructional devices
2.778 Easy hosting of online chat rooms
2.696 Online assignment marking and return
2.554 Standardized course page appearance
2.491 Potential to put tests and examinations on line to be taken in a lab or at home