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Session IVb:
Ethics in Curriculum and Pedagogy
Tony Tremblay, Michelle Forrest

Two graphic inksheds

Much of what we call "risk" in the classroom is nothing like this. If we want our students to take chances, to experiment, to "risk" begin wrong for the chance of learning something new, we're really talking play, serious play. Play isn't random or trivial; it is focussed & structured and experimental. . . . It's only our pedagogy that hyperbolically turns "play" into "risk," because of what is riding on what happens in the classroom. -- Susan

The riskiness of the open work depends on our expectation of strict form, and the more risk taken the less risk there is, because the less expectation of strict form there is.

So real risk becomes IMAX risk. We're all really safe together, but we have the illusion of risk. [marginalium]

I liked Theresa's comment about how we encourage people to take physical & monetary risks, but not intellectual ones.

I find "risk" too globby a word to get hold of -- it still seems a male word to me, Physical "risks" are clear. But I think I'd be more inclined to use the word "openness" to describe what other people were talking about as emotional and intellectual "risks." -- Kenna

Canadians own more insurance per capita than any nation on earth. Bring on the risk.

If we mix "risk" with "achievement," we make self worth a performance. Do we want to do that? -- Nan

Reading risks as writing risks -- we read what we see, what we hear, what we sense. We read each other, risking misinterpretation -- sometimes we lipread. We read the signs, don't always know the language. Do you read me? -- B.

For me to wear purple ballet shoes to Inkshed would be different but not risky since I've been here before, I have a persona, I have the self-confidence of the adult; however, if I were 14, then I would find it very risky to wear purple ballet shoes to school. So, risk depends on context. The professional pilot does not take a risk when flying aplane, but if I took one lesson and then tried to fly a plane, I would be taking a serious risk. Two points result: (1) to be different or extraordinary is not necessarily to take risks; (b) risk depends on context. -- NC

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