The UK Adventure

Bring Your Own Brain night at the University of Aberdeen. It started with guys juggling fire in the quad.   Inside Kings we had a happy glass of wineand watched the busking psych grad students torture small children with electrodes This is the big lecture hall where the talks were given.  Look at the gorgeous wooden ceiling.  The walk fromOld Aberdeen to Union Street  past the monastery.  Portsoy, on the Moray Firth.  This is a 17th century harbour.  T he marble for Versailles came from this region.      Cullen, also on the Moray Firth. The 19th century viaduct built for the railroad.  Amazing rock formations at Cullen.   The start of our coastal walk outside of Cullen.  The Gorse was beginning to bloom.     Tony's steps, built while he had taken a vow of silence.  This is a climbing place.  Look closely.  Tony's steps from the other side.  A couple more shots of the climbing wall.   We're heading down this coast to Findlatter Castle  It clings to the rocks halfway between the top and the ocean.   There it is and way, way below it, the surf.  Soil is beginning to cover it from the top and wind and water are eroding it from below.      Some early daffodils back at the trail head.  Early spring flowers in Cove.   Meme and Brad's farm stall.  Their house is on the clif up there.  More Cove flowers.  Fun Beach in Aberdeen Brad at the climging competition     Old and new, downtown Aberdeen.  We had lunch in a cafe in this square.  You can see that I was obsessed with daffodils.  Here they are again on the coastal trail by Cove.  Find the daffodils. Meme and Brad shared a lovely bottle of Australian wine they brought back from their Christmas trip, and cheese from the Cheese Monger.  Daffodils again, on the table in the conservatory. 
Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.  this is Pam on the patio.  Main entry.  Open reception and cafeteria.   Gorgeous flower arragements in all of the conference venues. Hotel entry in London. World's smallest hotel room. Photo was taken from out in the hallway. The foot of the bed was at the wall so the suitcase had to go next to the bed after I crawled in it.

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