Trip to BC

May 6-9, 2004

[As usual, click on the pictures to see them full size]

We flew to BC for the Inkshed conference. We only got a few pictures; we began by greeting Dido and Atlas,  occupying our bed. We went by the psychology building  to make some copies. And we picked up Brad  at the McKesson office. We spent quite a long time finding our way onto the right road toward Kamloops; on one of the necessary U-turns we saw a sign we took a picture of  for K8. Once we were on the road there were, indeed,  mountains -- rather a lot  of them,  in fact. We finally got to Sun Peaks and collapsed  in our room. Meme looked happy  to have us there.

Sun Peaks is, as meme said on their Web site, not, shall we say, very photogenic). Just to demonstrate that, here's some evidence.

When you walked out the door of the Delta, here was  the vista.  Looking to your left,  you can see our rooms up there on the third floor, if you really want to. Across the parking lot, there was more  of the same: a kind of nightmare Disney version of Swiss  architecture as though it were set up for  the Truman Show. Walking up the road there was more, only this seemed to be  private condos (all apparently sold instantly). We wondered what the building code said about what things have to look like to be in style. And then there was the "trail," which started here:  What we liked almost as much as the trail was the way the huge, garish new houses (we couldn't bear to take pictures of them) were often faced with imported stone -- here  is a box, out by the road in front of a building lot to be taken away, next to some authentic BC rock, also to be taken away.  What the box says, if you can't read it, is "Cultured Stone / the world's leading manufacturer of artificial stone." I guess you can see what it looks like in the background.

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