riding the big bike

June 4, 2004

[As usual, click on the pictures to see them full size]


If you can't follow the story here without text . . . well, maybe some context will help. The Big Bike is part of a fundraising thing for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. If you get pledges for $50 you get to ride.

This sequence follows the mustering on Park Street, the mounting of the bike, and the preparations (including the practicing of the "right turn" signal). The last two thumbnails actually lead to movies (the real point here: I think they're quite wonderful -- make sure you've got the sound on) of the start and of the bike coming down Main Street. My memory card filled up or we'd have followed it on down toward the Nashwaaksis Superstore. At least we get the police car's wonderful burst of siren as they went through the light in front of the Canadian Tire. You might be able to click on the image and it'll start; or you may have to download it -- right click the image and tell it to save the target, and then click on it to run it with whatever video player is on your machine.

Be sure to note the panda behind Anne in image #7 (poor guy followed her advice about putting on something a bit warmer -- it was cold and the forecast "30% chance of showers" weighed in just as they were leaving).

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