Nine Lessons and Carols December 16:
first Sunday back in the Cathedral

(I didn't make thumbnails because these are fairly small to start with)

It's just possible here to see how amazingly changed the color of the beams overhead is, and how the ceiling in the chancel has been redone (and the lighting too). There's a familar face just behind Lieutenant Governer Hermenegilde . And you can see better here how the beams have been recoated with some kind of miracle preservative -- pretty amazing, in fact. And here's Hank at the left and Willis at the right, with Lexy in the middle -- and three familiar faces in the choir. All these pictures have been lifted from a site called, which seems to be some kind of local entrepreneur's idea of how you might make money with a camera. Unfortunately, they're not really very good photographers.

There are forty-odd more pictures of this service on the local pictures site, as well as various other Fredericton events, inclunding over a hundred, well, not very amazing, but still interesting, pictures of the Market.

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