Keswick Ridge, Early Evening, August, After Rain

So there are some good things about having had humungous amounts of rain. Some of them are called chanterelles. The MP picked these along the road in a few minutes. Within substantially more minutes half of them adorned a pizza which entailed fresh basil pesto, fresh tomatoes, fresh zucchini slices, newly picked chanterelles, some schinken from Inge at market . . . it was amazing. So was the salad Kit assembled , with just-picked green peppers and cucumbers (there were a few just-picked Sweet Million tomatoes, too, but I didn't get pictures.

As we finished eating, Kit looked up and said, look down in the field. so we did, and I got the camera while he got the binoculars. Sure enough, there was our cervine predator, big as life and twice as ravenous.
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