The Great Elvis at the Legion Controversy

After an extended discussion of the improbability of there being a phalanx of Elvis impersonators at a Canadian Legion in Vancouver (pursuant to an unsupported assertion of same on January 19), on 12 February the Hunts email list received the following note from the BC detachment:

From: Amelia Hunt <amelia@OR.Psychology.Dal.Ca>
Subject: memebranes
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 23:50:44 -0400 (AST)

On a more serious note, I did find time to issue a brief report addressing
the Elvis controversy. I trust you will find it complete and sufficiently
compelling to bring a close to the debate on this issue.


However, the next day this email was received:

From: Chris Hunt <>
Subject: HF Bulletin - Shocking Evidence of EATL network conspiracy
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:23:50 -0500
To: "''" <>
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Thursday, February 13, 2003
A Recent communique from the members of the  EATL network offering new "Evidence" from a "Third Party Source" allegedly showing proof of the incident's occurence has been discovered to have been digitally altered.

The HF, guided mainly by the weak "The Accident" excuses provided by the EATL coalition, and the lack of information on the "Third Party Source" which provided the alleged "Evidence" launched its own independent investigation.

Upon examination of the "Evidence", and acting on information from its own sources, The HF has concluded that, although the reasons behind the conspiracy are not fully understood, proponents of the EATL have sought not to disclose, but rather to stall, to deceive, and to hide any credible evidence of the incident's occurence.

An experienced team of film professionals, under the direction of The HF, have restored the "Evidence" to its original form. We now ask that all governing bodies of The HF review the restored "Evidence", and move that immediate, and punitive action be taken to disband the EATL network, and any affiliates thereof.

It is imperative that we join together today to fight this new "Axis of EATL" as a united, and determined community. 

You can view the restored photo here: 


Christopher Hunt

Director, Special Investigations
The HF
443 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2H6
416 351 7853


We leave the verdict up to you, the concerned citizenry.  In the meantime, we hereby issue an Orange Level Alert to beware of Saudi Elvis impersonators.  However, there is no need to change your pattern of behavior.  Continue to lead your normal lives, buying things as though nothing were amiss, but with an increased level of alertness. Duct tape will not help in this case.

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