Thursday diary

I thought I'd take a picture of our room from the outside, where the raucous rugby teams hang out all night; we're the room on the fifth floor just to the right of the vertical  divider (our window's open). Here's the view from where I worked Thursday morning  and here's the room the MP was in  . Just outside it was the "internet point" where people without laptops could check their mail  . This is one of the souvenir shops  -- we hadn't realized how much glass there was here, or what wonderful stuff there is. This is pretty nondescript compared to most of what we saw. Here's the hotel registration desk  -- note the shininess of everything -- and here's the bar I was at all morning. That guy's taken my table  , so I had to move across the hall, here  . Then it was lunchtime, and we went outside  afterward to sit in the sunshine by  the fountain  . This is the conference help desk, where Karel  , our trusty correspondent from EasyPrague (the travel agency who arranged the whole conference), helped with logistics, including getting us our tickets for Lanterna Magika and the Mozart Requiem.
After the last conference session, we met in the lobby and Anne caught up on the day's email  across the hall from yet another water feature  and below the light fixture I described in an email  . After a suitable interval we caught the bus, then the Metro, then a tram, and arrived at the National Theatre, on the river near the island  where the buses had parked the night before (and noticed this weird stairway  to nowhere -- what, we wondered, could be in there?). Around the corner we spotted this restaurant  , which offered us this view  of the river and which we determined to  patronize  , with this result  . It was even better than it looked -- and this Bud (note the glass), which was for us, actually, is not an American one. It's totally different: the original Budweiser is a Czech beer and the name was lifted by the American company. This one's a Czech pilsner and is wonderful. We then went back round the corner to the amazing Laterna Magika [check it out here; we got no pictures], and eventually wended our way back to the hotel where we immediately sat down with the laptop  and a Krušovice (a Czech dark beer which is even better than the pilsner) to write George Fry and thank him for telling us not to miss Laterna Magika.

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