October 18

Having heard about the UNESCO World Heritage site at Joggins, we decided to take the three hour drive and have a look. The building housing the museum  was promising (though too dark for pictures inside). The walk down to the beach and the cliffs started inauspiciously  but we ignored the sign (except for the cool graphics) and went  down to where the fossils  and the rock formations  really were  quite incredible.  Fossils literally everywhere,  and you could easily see what the Fundy  was doing to the cliff, although where the rocks like this  one  were coming from wasn't clear at all.  Up there,  I guess.This one was all  fossils, sort of a rock chowder. And folks had left  some good ones  by the bottom of the stair (against the law to take them home).

It was so cold (and the tide was coming in) that we left before we'd seen anywhere near all we wanted. We agreed that we'll go back on a warm day, a couple of hours after high tide.

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