Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Part II
Thanksgiving weekend, 2010

Kit, Anne and Russ had been here a year ago (that visit is here). When we arrived, some of us walked around the historical dead-end maze  and then down to the "beach,"  ignoring (again) the dire warnings about what might  happen to you down there. We inspected  the cliffs and the fallen  rocks; the Halifax contingent arrived  and we continued  inspecting. We did find one fossil  tree, but the encroaching tide  drove us back to the interpretation centre, where we set up  Thanksgiving lunch.  Afterward, some of us went down to see  high tide  on the beach (Jif thought the surf looked like  gravy), but we decided to wait  till after we'd spent some time at the museum. In an hour or so we were back and found  a coal seam  and the remains  of a mine tunnel.  Some of us found what we thought was fossilized wood  but others disagreed: we all thought, though, that this   was a fossilized  iPad. This, however, we all agreed, was a  fossil.

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