Sari + Jon-O

We walked down the road in the wonderful cool afternoon sunshine, turned in at the sign , and eventually found the violins tuning up . After a bit of wonderful music on the deck, Jon-O and Sari appeared to the rapt attention of the assembled multitude, and then there was a wonderful ceremony under the arch (a wonderful home-made compromise between Jewish and Japanese, as was much of the ceremony, including the signing of the papers while the brothers, the official witnesses, looked on and everyone admired the gorgeous obi and the also gorgeous flowers, especially the miraculous morning glories .

The second part of the day involved a "car parade" down the road to Carlisle's U-Pick , where the apples were stunning and so was the bride and the groom and the wedding guests coming up the road with the harvest. Meanwhile, back at the ranch , edibles were appearing , and the, um, venerable tradition of the "Wedding Apple Crisp" was being organized, including the duel between the industrial peeler and the old-fashioned manual style

, under the spreading maple tree.

Dinner, catered by Flavas , was consumed in the sunshine (along with the dynamite apple crisp), and then the wedding cake appeared. But first there had to be champagne for everybody, served up by Stacey, David, and the bride and groom , who looked just wonderfully pleased about the whole thing. David made a bit of a speech , and proposed a toast and the cake was duly cut .

Afterward, as the weather cooled down, the party moved inside, and warmed up remarkably, especially when the fiddlers reappeared, and got people dancing around the kitchen. Sari, having finally started looking like the Sari we all know , grabbed a violin too, and we were all off. Just a hint of the festivities can be downloaded here (ignore the end: I don't yet know how to (a) turn off the camera or (b) edit video).