Proud but Confused Grandparents
"Chaperone" Rhi Around Circuit C
at the National Archery Championships

Saint John, July 31

The archers -- and all the amazing gear -- formed up at the staging area and waited till everybody was ready; then we walked out around the course to where we were to begin, on the "C" course at target #6. The targets were off the trail, marked with stakes and appropriate  places from which you were to shoot, depending on your category. There were frequent discussions about targets,  and consultations of the photos of each at the numbered sites along the trail.  After all the archers shot, they scrambled through the woods to the target to agree on their scores, record them , and retrieve their arrows. Sizing up the targe and judging the distance often took a bit of time, and occasionally advice  and encouragement was shared.  We "chaperones" didn't know we were supposed to be entirely hands-off, so when Luke's mom acted as a sunscreen , it was really cheating. But we'll never tell (and she did it for everybody at this target).