The Montshire Children's Science Center

The Montshire has a Web site, here.

It looks like this from the back; we'd just been down to the lagoon to gather specimens.

We were there when they opened the doors, and we only left when they threw us out and closed them again. We had flash trouble, so there's only one picture from inside the museum. It's the one where, to our amazement, a "Bernoulli Blower" held a beach ball in midair

In the yard, outside, there was a chance to try to construct an earthfill dam,

And another to hear -- and see -- resonance (if you hit one pipe, you can see and hear others vibrating). You can also just run down the line and hit all of them, too.

There's lots more we can't show you here. They finally threw us out, at 5:00.

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