Launching the Project
Hariett Irving Library Milham Room
12 February 2010

Anne and Sheree were on the Maritime Noon phonein an hour earlier. You can listen to the show by clicking here. Scroll down and click the speaker/arrow link. They don't actually come on until about 20-25 minutes in.

Lots of folks were there; here are a few pictures of Sheree, Anne, Eileen Wallace (founder of the collection and donor of the fellowship), Poet M. Travis (Penny) Lane, Bill and Nancy Bauer, PamWhitty, Ellen Carusetta (Dean of Education), Sherry Rose, Ken and Do Fitch and Pam Nason, a couple of familiar faces, Sue Fisher (curator of the collection) and Eddy Campbell (President of UNB), among others. Then Sue introduced the Jolly Good Fellows, who told us about the project; and just as things were winding down, Sherry Rose appeared back from the ECC with a mysterious package that had arrived there, which turned out to be a gorgeous bouquet from Jif. Rachael got to meet Eileen, Sheree and Sue and share a few words. When it was all over, back at home, we had a celebratory glass of champagne and a wonderful dinner of spring rolls and barbecued shrimp pad Thai a la Chef Kit.

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