Loon Bay Lodge Weekend
May 28-30

There's not really a narrative, but these are more or less in order. Here's the Lodge main building and the one we stayed in. This was the hall down the front (ours was the first door), and here's the room. Here's Loon Bay, where we started that afternoon with Beth and Janine demonstrating some tactics. And here's how the room looked just before bedtime. Here's getting ready to ferry the canoes up the river. and here we are having lunch before starting out Here are some of us "rafted up" for consultations. Here's the beginning of "Happy Hour" Saturday night, and here's the dining room, where we moved it. Here are some folks enjoying it, and here are Jerry and Carolyn Mulder celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary to the tune of "45 Years From Now" and "When I'm Sixty-Four." We didn't get many pictures on the water; I hope we'll get some from other folks on the trip. But for now, here's one that Audrey sent us within a few hours.

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