Some Chicago Pictures

As part of the westward excursion, we visited Dave and Linda and spent some time at their 39th floor apartment in the Loop. From there we went to the Millennium Park, on the lakeshore, and had a look (a long one) at the amazing sculpture that Dave calls
"The Bean," but which the sculptor called "Cloud Gate." It's wonderful how the city reflects in it, but eve more how people do . Next to it is a fountain with two faces which appear in it (and occasionally spray water over the kids playing between them). We also admired the music pavillion and the way it sat in the middle of everything (we don't know why that building's leaning -- perhaps it's fallen over since we were there). We walked across the Frank Gehry bridge over Columbus Drive, and through the wonderful gardens rather like a prairie, in parts, and more cultivated in others. Finally we walked out Navy Pier, where a four-master was just on its way out into the lake, setting its sails as it went. There was lots more, but that's all we got pictures of (and three of those are lifted from other sites).

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