Meme and Brad visit for Anne's Birthday (and other duties)

Building bridges

They arrived late Friday night, for a late dinner, and after market on Saturday someone suggested, "well, why don't we build the bridge between the two decks?" So we started by  thinking a bit , and a bit more , and finally installing some brackets  to hold up one side, and pretty soon there was  a frame  in place  and not long after that the joists were in and the railing  tacked in place  and decking  was in progress  . And soon  , voila!  A bridge. Along the way  we noticed there were grapes on the vine.

And then there was dinner.
Meme and Brad  did the veggie lasagna  while Anne did  the sweet corn  and Russ supervised. Meme put the parsley on the lasagna  and Brad's tomato and bocconcini and basil plate  appeared.  Meme served  the lasagna forth. It was all wonderful.

Of course there was a walk to the headpond.
So we started down the road  admiring the potatoes  and the scarecrow  (we didn't take a picture of the dead crow on a stake).  The woods were lovely  , and of course so was the headpond  . Brad took some shots of us  over by the canoe  and we took some of him  back the other way  . There were wonderful fungi  and the stream was dry but still green  . There were more trees with their roots  intertwined  , and a toad on the road  on the way back up  toward the house  , exhibiting its new deck bridge.

And a bit of harvesting.

Before they left, of course, there were vegetables  to be gathered  and one of the Meme and Brad  wedding maples to be visited and encouraged.

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