The day we shipped out Wally

On the Olga Polly

With Captain Mollie

We started out from Mollie and George Fry's house on the river.

At the appointed time, the Olga Polly arrived at the Oromocto Wharf where we were waiting:

And after a pretty extended struggle with the wharf's decrepit stairs

(otherwise known as the Stairs Perilous)

Wally was on board.

Within a few minutes, Captain Mollie was pointing out the sights to Second Mate Wally:

We cruised by the Oromocto River wharf . . .

On our way to the Burton Bridge.

On the way we were passed by the "Salsa," out of Marblehead, steaming up to Fredericton:

We dropped anchor off Middle Island, and lunch was served on the afterdeck.

And a good lunch it was, too.

On the way back we got a chance to see a cormorant drying his wings --

-- and, even better, to run through a genuine St. John River thunderstorm.

Back at the dock, we got back up the stairs and waved goodbye.

After all, as Kenneth Grahame knew, there's nothing nearly so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

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