A flying visit from the Wyatts

In order to attend the celebration, the Wyatts drove down from the 'fax after Jif played a wedding Saturday afternoon. They arrived, about a quarter to eleven at night, bearing gifts -- a barbecue lighter for Father's Day and a brass "firepit" which took a little assembly but which came together quite nicely. They also brought two miracle vases (you pour warm water over these flat sacks, shape them into vase-like shapes, and then put cold water in them, whereupon they freeze). The girls brought in some flowers , did the deed, and there they were. The next morning (long after Sean had departed for an archery competition in Susssex where, rumour has it, he kicked amazing butt), we had waffles on the deck. In the afternoon, after the celebration, some people sat on the front deck, had a Picaroon's Bitter and generally vegged out.

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