Rhi Graduates

(June 26, 2009)

Some of these pictures are from Jif. Here's what we selected, along with a couple of videos). Here's Rhi modeling the cap on the Eve of the Occasion, and here's Rhi as a zombie grad, and Jif ignoring it (sort of). Here's the beginning of the procession and here's the big moment (it wasn't quite that dark). Below are links to a couple of videos (the one of the prize is actually sort of funny, because the woman who was to present it apparently forgot; you can watch her run across the lower left corner of the frame, and eventually appears. So here's Jif & the Grad afterward, and all three, and with the proud grandparents. Then then here's Rhi at lunch, and opening her gift from Rachael at dinner.

The diploma.

The prize.

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