Meme and Brad's back yard
May 11, 2009
This is how meme and Brad's place looks from down beyond the sunken railroad line. The path leads down to the cliffs overlooking Cove and then past a disused quarry, and on to some even steeper and more precarious looking cliffs . It's gorgeous. We especially liked this "island." On the way back we found some narrow places a bit ticklish, but meme and Brad guided us through this gorgeous chunk of geology and on back toward home through what meme said with delight was "our back yard."

Here's the note I sent about it via email: "After breakfast Brad and meme said that we should take a walk along the shore to the south -- but not where we'd walked the other day, which was on the shore side of the sunken railroad tracks below the house, but on the other side, toward the ocean. To get there, since you can't cross the tracks -- they're in what is almost a tunnel -- you walk down to Cove proper and then south, on a farm road which ends just after it passes below Brad and meme's house. From there it gets, um, amazing: you walk, climb and scramble out onto the tops of a bunch of precipitous cliffs ("a well-documented climbing area," Brad says), looking down into jagged granite inlets and at at one point into a blowhole. I don't know how high the cliffs actually are -- a hundred feet, more? -- but when you're scrambling down a 45 degree hummocky slope above the edge of one, it feels like a lot. They didn't actually take us anyplace where it was, as Brad said, "ticklish," but it was just gorgeous and just scary enough to be memorable -- and beautiful beyond description, looking down at the gulls and guillemots and eiders below (and looking for puffins, which, again, never appeared)."

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