Launching the Book
February 17, 2010

Here are some miscellaneous pictures, beginning with the sign in the lobby  and the venue beforehand.  Guests included me and the new President (and  Wayne Curtis, one of the writers. Here's the President introducing the show. And then various people some folks might recognize, like Dan  and Nena Gleason (he wrote a piece in the book, too), and some of our Truth in Society  students, and Leo Ferrari (he's included),  and Alison Belyea  and Sabine Campbell, Bill Spray (he is too), and John Ball  and Drummond Bowden  and Thom Parkhill  and Bill Spray again,  and Sabine  and Nena  and Larry Batt  and David Ingham  and Doug, of course,  and here we are  as things wound down.  Old Home Week, in lots of ways -- and all around a nice occasion.

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