Canoeing in Toronto Harbour and among the islands
August 15, 2009

This is the rental place we started from. After twenty minutes or so of ticklish paddling, we were across the harbour, and waiting for the last cruiser's wake to abate. When we turned around, this was what we saw; when we turned back, this was in front of us. We didn't know who these birds were -- not cormorants, we were pretty sure. From back in the islands occasionally you get a glimpse of where you've come from. After a few hours we found a place to pull up where there was a restaurant -- but the line was so long and complicated that we went back round to the other restauant, by a ferry terminal and found another place to pull out; and another restaurant with lineups but eventually we were waiting for a beer with the ferry going in and out behind us and eventually we fought our way back across the harbour, taking occasional glimpses amid the chop, and even a picture.

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