Grace's writing becomes more intertextual

For instance, Grace, early in October, reflected on a lecture on the Holocaust by offering essentially a summary of the speaker's remarks. By the end of the month, reflecting on a lecture by a maker of masks, summary takes a back seat to reflection on how she felt during the experience. In her responses to the reflections I think there's a similar pattern. In the early October response to Erica's reflection on the Holocaust lecture, for instance, she focuses again almost entirely on what was said, though it's hooked to Erica's reflection.  A month and a dozen postings later, however, in responding to Becky's reflection on a poetry reading by a MicMac woman, at the end of November, she weaves Becky's text deftly into her own, and focuses not so much on what happened and was said but on the relationship between Becky's ideas about it and her own.  Still, even here, there is little obvious sense of anticipation that someone else is likely to read and respond to these thoughts.

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