sept. 30 Nei1 Young -a gay video on aids

This movie was made to make people aware of the effects of aids in our lives. The only problem that I could see with this video was that it did not include lesbians and straight people. It seemed to be focused on gay men and I got the feeling that the movie implied that it was gay men that made and spread the disease and that nobody else could get it.

I was looking around at the audience and most of it was made up of the aquinas program students. It made me wonder how many people that do not have aids, and that might be at risk actually go to these things. I do not think that very many people do go to these things. Then after the movie on the way out I saw this gay couple who were walking in front of me. It was rather revolting, because these guys 1ooked like my father, and they were holding hands. I wi11 be the first to admit that I am a little bit homophobia. But do not get me wrong I have gay friends and they are good guys and girls but I just do not like thinking about the details. Its just not my thing. But its probably about the same way for them to look at me with my girlfriend.

I Notices that a couple of people left the movie early and it turns out that, that movie really bothered a couple people. It made me a little bit uncomfortable.