The Criminology session focused on what the field of criminology has to offer as well as the courses that St. Thomas provides. Although I have not considered Criminology as a career option, I found the speaker to be very interesting. She told us how she came to decide that she wanted to work in the field of Criminology. I found it interesting and encouraging because her original career plans were no where near the direction that she actually ended up in.

She made me realize that although I think I know what I want to do, my plans could very well change throughout my years at university. She a1so made me see that you do not have to forum on just one career area. It is possible to combine two things that interest you personally and make them work for you. In fact the combination that you put together may be beneficial in finding employment.

I found the speaker to be very helpful because throughout her presentation she wanted our input. She was interested in answering our questions and wanted to know what careers we wanted to get into. She also opened my eyes to the fact that Criminology is a much broader field then I thought it was, I am glad that I went to this event because even though I am not planning a career in Criminology, it made me see that every career has a lot possibilities beyond the standard ones that we always associate with a certain career.

Rebecca Burke