Now I'd like everyone to take another ten or fifteen minutes to read what other people said. I'll help set up groups so that everyone has a chance to read what four or five other people wrote.

As you read, mark interesting, challenging, or otherwise striking passages by drawing a vertical line in the margin next to them; when you agree that a passage already marked is notable or remarkable, draw an additional line.

When you’ve finished with each, at the bottom, add at least one question (more if you have more). The questions might be a request for elaboration, or clarification, or a test of what was meant -- "do you mean to say that . . . ?" -- or a verification of intention --"do you mean to imply that . . . ?" These questions are going to be read by the writer, and should help her clarify what she’s saying (after all, this writing is very unplanned and tentative, so we expect that it’ll be incomplete or unclear in some ways). Ask only questions to which you’d genuinely like to see an answer, and questions which you think the writer might answer (in other words, no rhetorical questions, no covert evaluations).