The INTERNET Highway...The INFORMATION Highway..... No! Actually, I'm worried about classrooms. Is it important to have computers in the classroom? I think not! I think the MOST important... er, the two most important things about classrooms are: to have a Committed Teacher AND a Motivated Student. And...anything in between the two probably isn't too good for the learning experience.

Think back to the development of technology in the classroom in your time. Filmstrips and films. They were to bring reality right to you. Make events meaningful. But....Minds need to be stretched.

Teachers love filmstrips, because for 45 minutes they don't have to teach. Students love them so they can nap. Principals love them because they can point to a film projector and show off to the board of education how technologically advanced their school is. But, how much learning was taking place?

Will someone please name for me ONE outstanding filmstrip you remember?

No one? How about one outstanding teacher you've had?