Truth in Society
9 September 1997
Prompt #3


Preparing a document for Thursday morning

You should have a fairly lengthy, and fairly incoherent document, composed of your first writing, someone else's reflections, your responses, and then a similar exchange with another person. It'll probably be pretty much of a mess. If you gave this document to someone else, they probably would have a hard time making much sense of it.

Between now and Thursday morning, what we'd like you to do with the document is this: read it through and decide how you can change it so as to include everything substantial that's in it, but make it more understandable.

The easiest way to do this would be to read it over a couple of times and draw boxes around separate ideas or concerns, decide what order they fit together most logically in, and then sit down at a computer and type them in, in that order.

When you're done your document shouldn't be substantially shorter than what you began with -- there may be things you want to eliminate, but at this point it's early to start deciding what the most valuable issues are. Let's keep everything we can

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