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Spiritual Identity and Transformation:
Third Annual Canadian Conference
on Spirituality and Social Work

June 1-3, 2004
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

This conference provided a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue and exploration of various aspects of spirituality. We reviewed the latest developments in research and practice and discussed the resulting implications for social work theory and education. This conference provided recognition and credibility for the valuable work being done in this field, and the venue enabled dialogue and the development of support networks.

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Michael Sheridan as the keynote speaker. Dr. Sheridan, a faculty member in the School of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, is one of the few women in North America known for her scholarship and demonstrated excellence in the area of spirituality and social work. Dr. Sheridan is a teaching award winner and was a long standing Board Member of the Society for Spirituality and Social Work (USA).

As well as the keynote presentation, invited presenters included scholars with established reputations and graduate students who conducting research in the area of spirituality. Participants attended from almost every province and territory, and from a number of countries. For example, presentations this year included scholars from the USA, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Representation within Canada includes a Francophone presentation and a workshop.

This conference also included a roundtable discussion on Spirituality, Practice, and Professional Education, and facilitated discussions on Spirituality in Practice, as well as experiential workshops and academic papers. The conference was scheduled directly following the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work, also being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Foradditional information you may contact Dr. John Coates

This was the 3rd conference organized by the Canadian Society for Spirituality and Social Work. 

This conference was supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  Conference support was also received from the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work as well as participating Social Work Programs including those at:
Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba
Renison College, University of Waterloo
St. Thomas University
University of Calgary
University of British Columbia


John Coates <>,
Barbara Swartzentruber<> ,
John Graham <>,
Susan Cadell, <>,
Brian Ouellette, St. Thomas University
Cathy Rocke, University of Manitoba


Updated: January 15, 2007