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Spiritual Identity and Transformation:
Third Annual Canadian Conference
on Spirituality and Social Work

June 1-3, 2004
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Michael Sheridan, MSW, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

From her unique perspective as an academic, woman, and clinician, Dr. Sheridan spoke on the theme of Spiritual Identity and Transformation . She drew on her research, academic and counselling experience, along with her own spiritual development, to draw attention to the important contributions which spirituality can play in individual, community, and social change.

June 1, 2004
Opening Ritual, 6:30pm
Keynote Address, 7:00pm
Reception, 9:00pm
Helen Glass Atrium, Helen Glass Centre
University of Manitoba

We were delighted to have Dr. Michael Sheridan as the keynote speaker. Dr. Sheridan is a faculty member in the School of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Michael Sheridan is one of the few women in North America known for her scholarship and demonstrated excellence in the area of spirituality and social work. Dr. Sheridan was a teaching award winner and a long standing Board Member of the Society for Spirituality and Social Work (USA). Titles of some of her recent publications include Earth as a Source of Spirit; The Spiritual Person; Spiritual and Religious Issues in Practice and Honoring the Angels in my Path. Dr. Sheridan has served on the Editorial Board of Social Thought: The Journal of Religion and the Social Sciences. In addition she is the principal investigator of a study on The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Practice.