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The Transforming Power of Spirituality:
Breaking Barriers and Creating Common Ground.
First North American Conference on Spirituality and Social Work

Renison College, University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
May 25-27, 2006


Ed Canda, PhD
University of Kansas
Spiritual Connection in Social Work:
Boundary Violations and Boundary Transcendence
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Dr. Canda, one of the foremost international scholars on spirituality and social work, will present insights on how to break internal, interpersonal, interreligious, and international barriers through spiritually sensitive social work. These insights will be based on core principles of mysticism, shamanism, and transpersonal (or integral) theory and illustrated by his personal and professional experiences with interreligious dialogue, refugee resettlement, advocacy, and international professional collaborations.

John Graham, PhD
University of Calgary
Localizing Spiritually Based Social Work in North America:
Strategies and Prospects

Dr. Graham is the Murray Fraser Professor in the Faculty of Social Work and one of the leading social work scholars in Canada. “Who am I” is one of the most profound spiritual questions anyone can ask. Dr. Graham will pose this question in relation to the First North American International Conference on Spirituality and Social Work. This discussion will necessarily lead to other, equally significant questions. To what dispositions might spiritually minded social workers adhere? What are the commonalities within our spiritually minded communities, and how might they be sources of solidarity and compassion? How might we maintain integrity, and what leadership could spiritually minded people provide to social work and allied communities?