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The Transforming Power of Spirituality:
Breaking Barriers and Creating Common Ground

The First North American Conference
on Spirituality and Social Work
May 25-27, 2006
Renison College
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario

The ' First North American Conference on Spirituality and Social Work' was a joint international conference of the Canadian Society for Spirituality and Social Work and the Society for Spirituality and Social Work (USA), and was hosted by Rension College, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontarion).

The proceedings include papers, overheads, and outlines of workshops, that have been submitted by scholars, practitioners and students who presented at the First North American Conference on Spirituality and Social Work (2006). These proceedings provide a good representation of the variety of workshops and papers presented.

These proceedings are made available with publication support from St. Thomas University, and the social work programs at Arizona State University, King's College (University of Western Ontario), Renison College (University of Waterloo), University of British Columbia, and the University of Calgary.

 Should you wish to correspond with an author(s) please contact them directly - the e-mail address for each author is included with their paper.                       

The papers are in .pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is free) click here > .


Keynote Address: by Edward Canda
Spiritual Connections in Social Work: Boundary Violations and Transcendance

The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End of Life Care.ppt
                                                                                                               Gloria Thomas Anderson

Perspectives of a Macro Practitioner                                              Thomas Brenner

Investigating the Helpfulness of Dream Exploration in Spirituality Infuenced Group Work.ppt                                                         Diana Coholic & Julie Le Breton

Personal Kabbalah Using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to Intergrate Spirituality and Social Work                                                                                            Penny Cohen

Dynamic Transformation of Consciousness, Breaking in Psychotherapy                                                                                                    Lyndall Demere &  Marilyn Stickle

The Tranforming Power of Spiritually Priented Music based Intervention- A Model for Contemplative Meditation.ppt                                          Wilfred Gallant

The New Discourse on Spirituality and its Implications for the Helping Professions.ppt                                                                                 Annemarie  Gockel

Providing Students with a Spirituality based Launch into their first Field Placements.ppt                                                  Eunice Gorman & Mary Lou Karley

Creative and Expressive Arts in Clinical Social Work.ppt                                                                                                              Jennifer Judelsohn

The Spiritual Transformation of Social (Justice) Work: A Charter of Social Responsibilities Corresponding to Vital Human Needs     
                                                                                                                       Edward Kruk

Social Work as an Integral Profession Heather Larkin The Wellness Wheel:
An Aboriginal Contribution to Social Work
                                                                           Margot Loiselle & Lauretta McKenzie

Understanding the Spiritual Lives of Adolescents
                                                                                                                            Don Phelps

LPI’S Life Source Mapping: 7 'E's of Liberation and Spirituality                                                                                                        Dianne Prevatt-Hyles

The Unbound Heart: Spirituality and Purpose in Life amoung Formerly Incarcerated Substance Users.ppt                                                      Dina Redman

ShamanicHealing in Social Work Practice.ppt                                                                                               Cathryne L. Schmitz & Christine H. Stinson

The Change Agency of Emotional Connectedness: The Link between
Emotions, Emotional Intelligence ang Spirituality
                                                                                                                                                                          James E. Smith
Social Work and the Evolution of Consciousness                                                                                                                                    Priscilla Smith & Nikki Wingerson

Narnia, C.S. Lewis and Introducing Spirituality in the Soical Work Classroom                                                                                                                         Laura E. Taylor

The Enneagram: A Tool for Self-Reflection, Critical Appraisal and
Introducing Spirituality in the Classroom
                                     Laura E. Taylor

Transforming Video Therapy (TVT): Using Techonology to create pathways
to a "witness consciousness"
                                                                       Jana Vinsky

Entering a Meadow of Common Ground to Address Spiritual and Religious Diversity                                                          C. Fred Weaver & Cynthia J. Weaver

The Answer Within - The Role of the Church in the Black Community:
A Community Development Response to the Violence in Toronto
                                                                                                                       Gillian Wells

The Role of Spirituality in Professional Coping among Social Work Students                                                                                                                                 Yu-Wen Ying

Transforming Social Work's Understanding of Person and Environment: Spirituality and the "Common Ground"                                    Micheal Kim Zapf