Academic Planning - 2021-2022

Message to Students - Travel & Gatherings During Thanksgiving and Testing

Travel During Thanksgiving 


According to direction from the Provincial Government, students may travel home for Thanksgiving only if their government-issued identification address lists the household they’re visiting as their home address. 


If you are travelling outside the province during the Thanksgiving weekend, please be aware that every person entering New Brunswick must pre-register online and this includes anyone re-entering the province. Upon your return: 


  • If you are fully vaccinated, no self-isolation will be required.  
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, you must self-isolate for 14 days or until you receive a negative COVID-19 result from a test taken on day 10 or later upon return.  
  • Individuals who cannot receive a vaccine because of a medical exemption will be required to provide proof of such exemption. 

Complete information on the New Brunswick Travel Registration Program is here. 


Thanksgiving Gatherings  


To further limit the spread of the virus and reduce further hospitalizations, New Brunswickers must not have gatherings in their homes or on their property with anyone with whom they do not currently live, with a few exceptions, during the Thanksgiving long weekend, between Friday, Oct. 8 at 6 pm and Monday, Oct. 11 at 11:59 pm.  A single household includes individuals living together. It can be extended to include caregivers for any of those people, plus any parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild of those people who requires support, plus any one additional person who lives alone at another address who requires support. 


Symptoms and COVID Testing 


Public Health has specific recommendations regarding getting tested if anyone is displaying symptoms. 

Information about Testing

Testing: With 1 Symptom  


Anyone who has even just one symptom of COVID-19 should complete the Provincial Government online assessment, book a COVID-19 test, and follow the directions provided. Even if a person has only one mild symptom, testing is recommended. People who have one mild symptom do not have to isolate while waiting for their test and results unless that person is known to be a contact of a case and/or has been directed by Public Health to isolate. 


Testing: With 2 Symptoms 


If you have not been fully vaccinated (0 or 1 dose) for COVID-19 


  • If any COVID-19 symptoms develop, book a test, either online or by calling 811. 
  • If you have 2 or more COVID-19 symptoms you must isolate while waiting for your test result. 
  • It can take up to fourteen days before you would test positive after being exposed to COVID-19; if your test results comes back negative, continue self-monitoring for any new  symptoms and get tested immediately if you develop new symptoms. 
  • Avoid visiting settings with vulnerable populations such as nursing homes, correctional facilities, and shelters over the next 14 days. 
  • Continue to follow all Public Health advice, including wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and maintaining physical distancing in public settings. 
  • You can request a COVID-19 test even if you have no symptoms. 
  • If you have been advised by Public Health to isolate, you must do so regardless of vaccination status. 

If you are fully vaccinated (2 doses) for COVID-19 


  • If any COVID-19 symptoms develop you should book a test, either online or by calling 811. 
  • You do not need to isolate while waiting for your test results. 
  • Continue to follow all Public Health advice, including wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and maintaining physical distancing in public settings. 
  • If you have been advised by Public Health to isolate, you must do so regardless of vaccination status. 

Message to Students - Proof of Vaccination Now Required to Access Certain Locations and Events on Campus      

Effective today, the Provincial Government has put in place requirements for proof of vaccination and government-issued identification when accessing certain events, services, and businesses. On our campus, locations and events requiring proof of vaccination (ie., STU Safe validation) and identification (STU Student Card) involve:   


  • accessing the JB O’Keefe Fitness Centre 
  • indoor organized group recreational sports  
  • indoor festivals, performing arts, sporting events 
  • indoor organized gatherings including conferences and workshops  

We are seeking clarification regarding other types of campus events and situations though these government requirements do not apply to our dining halls or food outlets.  


Under the government regulations, Individuals unable to receive a vaccine due to a medical or religious exemption will be required to show proof of exemption. On campus, it’s best to have a photo or photocopy of the exemption certificate or letter that was accepted by the University. 


To abide by the Provincial Government’s new regulations at the above noted locations or activities, we will also accept other proof of vaccination, namely:  

  • MyHealthNB record 
  • Immunization record from an RHA clinic, pharmacy, or Public Health 
  • Photo or copy of an immunization record 
  • Proof of vaccination from another jurisdiction 

Use STU Safe for Vaccine Validation, Rapid Testing, Exemption Requests    


Please have the following information ready before you begin the validation process: (1) the dates/type of vaccine and (2) a scanned copy/photo of your proof of vaccination ready for uploading. If you are requesting an exemption on medical or religious grounds, you will need a scanned copy/photo of exemption information from a physician/nurse practitioner or religious leader. You may use STU Safe to apply for in-person vaccine validation and to schedule an appointment to bring your proof of vaccination to George Martin Hall, Room 303.  

STU Safe may be found here  

Vaccine Exemption Information is here.  


Information on how to access your QR code is here.


Thank you. 

Message to Students – STU Begins Vaccine Validation and Rapid Testing Program  

Thursday, September 16, 2021


We are following up on previous messages regarding mandatory vaccines, exemptions, and rapid testing for COVID-19. We are launching an online vaccine validation tool so that students may upload proof of vaccination or request an exemption. The same tool will be used by those who will be required to report regular rapid testing results. 


  • Students have until Oct. 15 to provide proof of full vaccination. After Oct. 15, to come to campus, students must either be fully vaccinated with confirmation and wear a mask, or have an approved exemption, participate in regular testing, and wear a mask.   
  • Students who have received or scheduled their first vaccination will be permitted to come to campus. They will be required to begin regular testing starting Sept. 20 until they provide proof of full vaccination which must be completed by Oct. 15.    
  • Students who are seeking or receive an approved exemption to mandatory vaccination will be required to participate in regular testing starting Sept. 20 and have until Oct. 15 to provide completed documentation to support their request for an exemption.   

You are encouraged to provide the information requested as soon as possible through STU Safe and not wait for the Oct. 15 deadline — this is important given the Province’s new requirements for proof of vaccination when accessing events, services, and businesses.  

Vaccine Exemption Information       

Vaccine exemption may be permitted on medical or religious grounds and requires a note from a physician/nurse practitioner or religious leader. The requirements for the exemption may be found . If you have any questions about exemptions, please direct them to


Rapid Testing Protocol  

Rapid testing is for students who are not fully vaccinated or have received an approved exemption. These individuals must complete a rapid test and upload the results twice (2) per week (we recommend Mondays and Thursdays) to STU Safe. Information on rapid testing may be found . 


Using STU Safe for Vaccine Validation, Rapid Testing Results, and Exemption Requests   

Please have the following information ready before you begin the validation process: (1) the dates/type of vaccine and (2) a scanned copy/photo of your proof of vaccination ready for uploading. If you are requesting an exemption on medical or religious grounds, you will need a scanned copy/photo of exemption information from a physician/nurse practitioner or religious leader. STU Safe may be found here.  


If you are not comfortable in uploading your health information, you may use STU Safe to apply for in-person vaccine validation and to schedule an appointment to bring your proof of vaccination to George Martin Hall, Room 303. STU Safe may be found here


Provincial Requirement for Proof of Vaccination 

The Provincial Government announced yesterday that beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 11:59 pm, individuals will be required to show proof of vaccination when accessing certain events, services, and businesses, and anyone entering New Brunswick must preregister their travel. These changes (full list here) are being implemented to ensure that the Province is able to remain in Green and avoid lockdowns. Proof of vaccination will need to be shown when accessing: 


  • indoor festivals, performing arts, and sporting events 
  • indoor and outdoor dining and drinking at restaurants, pubs, and bars 
  • movie theatres, nightclubs, amusement centres, pool halls, bowling alleys, and casinos 
  • gyms, indoor pools, and indoor recreation facilities 
  • indoor group exercise facilities 
  • indoor organized gatherings including weddings, funerals, parties (excluding parties in a private dwelling), conferences, and workshops 
  • indoor organized group recreational sports, classes, and activities 

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 22, we will be using the STU Safe tool as a mechanism for students, faculty, and staff to provide proof of vaccination when accessing the above noted services on campus (ie., indoor dining and the JBOK Fitness Centre). More information on how to use the STU Safe tool for this purpose will be provided next week.  


Thank you. 


Dr. Kim Fenwick 

Vice-President (Academic and Research) 


Lily Fraser 

Vice-President (Finance and Administration)  


Message to Students - Update on Vaccination Declaration Process 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

New Brunswick Public Health has recommended that post-secondary institutions mandate vaccines for students, faculty, and staff. We are following that recommendation and will soon launch an on-line vaccine declaration tool so that students may upload proof of vaccination or a request for a medical or religious exemption. 

  1. Students will have until Oct. 15 to provide proof of full vaccination. After Oct. 15, to come to campus, students must either: (1) be fully vaccinated with confirmation, or (2) have an approved exemption, participate in regular testing, and wear a mask.  

  2. Students who have received/scheduled their first vaccination will be permitted to come to campus and will be required to begin regular testing on Sept. 15 until they provide proof of full vaccination which must be completed by Oct. 15.   

  3. Students who are seeking an exemption to mandatory vaccinations based on medical or religious grounds will need to begin testing on Sept. 15 and have until Oct. 15 to provide documentation to support their request for an exemption. Students who are approved for an exemption will be required to participate in regular testing and wear a mask.   

These requirements are expected to be in place for the fall semester and will be reassessed as needed based on guidance from Public Health. Later this week we will be sharing information on the system that will be used for declaring vaccination status, exemptions, and the regular testing program.  

Vaccine Exemptions on Medical or Religious Grounds   

Vaccine exemptions will only be permitted on medical or religious grounds and will require a note from a physician/nurse practitioner or religious leader. Anyone with an approved exemption will be required to wear a mask and participate in twice-weekly rapid testing and follow-up Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing if a positive result occurs. The process for requesting an exemption will be part of the vaccine declaration tool.  


Anyone who is vaccine hesitant is encouraged to schedule an appointment with their health practitioner to make an informed decision on vaccination. Should a student not be vaccinated nor have a medical or religious exemption, they will not be permitted to come to campus after Oct. 15. Instead, they will be encouraged to take remote courses. Academic Advisors in the Registrar’s Office ( are available to assist students with academic planning and course selection. The last day to add/drop fall term and full-year courses is Sept. 17.   

Getting Your Vaccine 

Anyone who requires a vaccine may register for vaccinations at the UNB Campus Pharmacy (the same building as the UNB Bookstore).  are planned for Thursday, Sept. 9, and Friday, Sept. 10 (from 10 am to 5 pm). Vaccinations are also available through Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy.   


If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19  

The symptoms of COVID-19 have included: Fever/Feverish, sore throat, headache, runny nose, a new cough or worsening chronic cough, new onset of fatigue or muscle ache, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell.  

  • Public Health strongly recommends that people with two or more symptoms get tested even if you have been vaccinated. For an on-line self-assessment and testing steps, see here.   

  • For information on COVID-19 case and contact management, see here. This page provides important information on whether you need to isolate while you await test results. If you are fully vaccinated and don’t have any known exposures, you do not need to isolate while waiting for your results unless directed by Public Health. Otherwise, you will need to isolate until you receive your results and further direction from Public Health – please see the detailed information from Public Health. 

Message from President and Vice-Chancellor Dawn Russell
Update on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations and Masking Requirements on Campus 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 


As we move towards the beginning of the term, I am writing to provide further information on mandatory vaccinations and masking requirements. Most new COVID infections in the province are occurring among the unvaccinated or those not yet fully vaccinated, and these steps to strengthen our health and safety measures are designed to keep members of our community as safe as possible.    


Mandatory Vaccinations – Confirmation Process Begins in September    

Following the guidance of Public Health, we are requiring that students, faculty, and staff be fully vaccinated. A significant majority of students have indicated that they are fully vaccinated, and I would expect a similar situation with faculty and staff. We are setting up a secure, on-line system to upload and validate proof of vaccination. We aim to have that system in place in early September at which time individuals will be able to provide proof of vaccination. Those who are not yet fully vaccinated will have until October 15 to complete the process and provide their proof of vaccination.    


Those who cannot satisfy the vaccination requirement because of medical or religious grounds must apply for an exemption and will be required to participate in twice-weekly Point of Care Testing (POCT) with follow-up Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing (PCR) if a positive POCT result occurs. We will provide the POCT tests at no charge and implement a means to submit test results. Additional periodic PCR testing may be required.  


In the coming days, we will be sharing information regarding the system to record and upload your proof of vaccination, as well as the exemption certification and testing results for those who are not fully vaccinated. A testing program for students living in residence will be delivered through Residence Life.   


If you haven’t yet received your first or second vaccination, please book your appointment as soon as possible. Please see the information below on how to book an appointment. Appointments for a second dose must be scheduled for a date that is at least 28 days after the first doseOnce the vaccine confirmation system is launched and students have had the opportunity to upload their information, you must either be (1) be fully vaccinated with confirmation, or (2) provide an approved exemption and participate in a regular testing program to come to campus.  


Getting Your Vaccine     

Anyone who requires a vaccine may register for vaccinations at the  (the same building as the UNB Bookstore). Clinics are planned for Tuesday, Sept. 7, Thursday, Sept. 9, and Friday, Sept. 10 (from 10 am to 5 pm). Vaccinations are also available through Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy.  


Reminder – Mask Wearing/Distancing   

As wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, masking will be required in all indoor settings on campus. Masks are required in classrooms (except for professors or other presenters who can physically distance by 2 metres from the rest of the class while presenting), and in hallways, elevators, stairways, washrooms, indoor common spaces, and when accessing administrative offices. Masks may be removed when eating/drinking or exercising at the JB O’Keefe Fitness Centre. Any student unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition will require a medical exemption letter from an authorized medical professional (physician or nurse practitioner) which can be sent to     


Compliance with this masking requirement will be monitored by staff. If a student refuses to comply with the masking requirement, they will be required to leave the classroom or building. Non-compliance will be subject to disciplinary action under the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy.   


Though these changes may present an additional inconvenience, they are important measures to keep everyone safe.   


Thank you.      


Dawn Russell  

President and Vice-Chancellor


Message from President and Vice-Chancellor Dawn Russell
STU to Implement Mandatory Vaccinations for Students, Faculty, and Staff 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Over the past few days, there have been a number of developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most significantly, the Provincial Government is now preparing to implement a mandatory vaccination program for provincial public sector employees and a testing program for unvaccinated employees. The numbers of COVID-19 cases in the province are expected to increase and the potential impact of cases in other parts of the country are factors that have influenced that decision.


Many universities in Canada are implementing or considering mandatory vaccines based on their particular circumstances. From a survey we conducted earlier this month, the vast majority of our students (87%) have reported that they have received or expect to have received two vaccination doses by September. Moreover, 6% have received or expect to receive one dose, and 4% want to be vaccinated but don’t expect to be by September. These are encouraging numbers especially coupled with the health and safety measures that we will be leaving in place on campus to begin the term. These include a mandatory mask policy, distancing requirements, and continued cleaning and disinfecting measures, among other proactive steps.


Over the course of the pandemic, we have followed the guidance of the Provincial Government and Public Health. We have been in contact with Public Health today and they are strongly recommending post-secondary institutions implement a program that includes mandatory vaccinations and testing similar to government.


We recognize that we need to do more to strengthen our health and safety measures;  therefore St. Thomas will be developing and implementing a policy of mandatory vaccinations consistent with the guidance from Public Health.


In the coming days, we will be developing the parameters for effectively and equitably implementing such a mandate on our campus and we will be reporting back to you on further details.  


Obtaining Your Vaccine   

Any student who has not yet received their first or second vaccine is strongly encouraged to book an appointment through Vitalité or Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy. Students residing outside New Brunswick are encouraged to seek information on vaccination in their provinceof residenceDuring Welcome Week, students can also access COVID-19 vaccination clinics offered at the UNB Campus Pharmacy (29 Dineen Drive in the UNB Bookstore):   

Back-to-School Immunization (Pfizer and Moderna)   

Campus Pharmacy (10 am to 5 pm)   

Tuesday, Sept. 7    

Thursday, Sept. 9   

Friday, Sept. 10   


For more information and to register, see . The Pharmacy encourages anyone making an individual appointment to try to bring a friend to get their vaccination as well.  


Thank you.    


Dawn Russell   

President and Vice-Chancellor   

Message from President and Vice-Chancellor Dawn Russell
Fall Semester Plan Sees Campus Open with Majority of Classes in Person

Monday, June 14, 2021

I am pleased to announce that St. Thomas University will be open for the Fall Semester with more than 65% of our Bachelor of Arts courses delivered in-person, along with numerous remote options. In addition, we will be providing both in-person and remote student services to ensure that you have all the necessary supports to be successful, and our residences will be open with food services operating. Plans are underway to welcome you for the first day of classes on September 8, which is less than three months away. 

The School of Education and School of Social Work programs will be in person, and those students will receive details from their program directors on course delivery and when to arrive on campus.  

Fall Course Delivery Options  
Working with faculty, we have developed in-person and remote course deliver models. The Semester 1 Course Offerings and WebAdvisor now indicate which model each course will be following: 


  1. In-Person Courses list a building and room number in the location field.
  2. Remote Courses list “Web Online” as the course location.  

Please Note   

  • In-person courses will have remote access accommodation available for students not able to return to campus in September due to extenuating circumstances such as travel restrictions or a medical condition. The nature of the remote access will depend on the course and could include livestreaming, streaming with interaction, and/or asynchronous elements. Professors will share details about remote access on a course-by-course basis to those students who have been granted an accommodation to participate remotely.
  • All students should plan to be available for the time slot assigned to their course whether the course is following an in-person or remote model.
  • Students who need to access an in-person class remotely will be required to apply for an accommodation to do so; details on the procedure for doing so will be forthcoming.
  • To reduce confusion, full-year (6 credit-hour) courses that begin as remote courses in the fall will continue with remote delivery for the full year. 

Students who are able should plan to return to Fredericton for September. Our hope is to return to fully in-person classes and operations by January.  

Getting Vaccinated Can Bring Us Back Together, Faster  
The Province of New Brunswick is implementing a gradual easing of restrictions until August when they target a lifting of remaining restrictions.  They will be monitoring vaccination rates which are a key driver for reopening. The best thing that you can do to maintain this momentum towards recovery is to get vaccinated.   
Any student who has not yet received their first vaccine is strongly encouraged to book an appointment through Vitalité or Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy. Students residing outside New Brunswick are encouraged to seek information on vaccination in their province of residence.  
With the safety and health of our community as our primary goal, we will consult with Public Health as we move towards September, and we expect to keep protection measures in place (such as hand-sanitizing, masking).  
After such a prolonged absence, we look forward to having students, faculty, and staff together again on our campus.  We will continue to monitor the situation, and updates will be forthcoming over the summer.  In the meantime, we have developed a series of FAQ on the Fall Semester.   
If you have any further questions, please reach out to  
Dawn Russell 
President and Vice-Chancellor