Rapid-Testing Protocol

Individuals undergoing rapid testing must regularly complete a rapid test and upload the results twice (2) per week (recommend Mondays and Thursdays).


Rapid testing begins September 20.


If you are required to participate in rapid testing and neglect to upload your test results, you will be contacted by Student Services (students) and Human Resources (faculty, staff).


The testing is a screening tool to assist in the early detection of COVID-19 and provides results quickly to identify individuals who might be more contagious. However, rapid testing has less ability to detect the presence of COVID-19 than a lab-based Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. That is why positive test results from rapid testing must be confirmed as soon as possible with a laboratory PCR test.


  1. Obtaining and Using Free Rapid Tests
    Boxes of tests are available from Student Services at George Martin Hall (GMH) Room 303. For faculty and staff, they are available from Human Resources in McCain Hall Room 409 or Room 411.
    Tests are intended to be completed at home.
    Instructions on how to self-administer the test are available in this short video.
    You should take the tests using the same schedule every week, i.e., Mondays and Thursdays (a 3-4 day interval between tests).

  2. How to Submit Results
    Once you receive a test result, you must mark the date of the test result, take a photo of the test result including the date, and upload the photo to the STUSafe AppArmor Vaccine Declaration Tool.

Please Note: You must schedule a PCR test as soon as possible if you obtain a positive rapid test result or have two or more symptoms of COVID-19. In these circumstances, you must not come to campus until you receive a negative PCR test result.

How to Register for PCR Testing

To get tested, complete an online self-assessment or contact Telecare 811 or your healthcare provider. It can take up to 48 hours for a test assessment centre to contact you to schedule an appointment.

Patients must provide their NB Medicare or other provincial/federal Health Care Number, when scheduled and/or presenting for COVID-19 testing to be able to register for a MyHealthNB account to view COVID-19 test results online.

For information on how to register for a PCR test see here.


Non-compliance may be subject to a complaint for creating an unhealthy and unsafe working, learning, and/or living environment and will be dealt with in a case-by-case basis. For students, these complaints will be dealt with under the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy. For faculty and staff, the situation will be addressed in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.

New rules for positive rapid-test results

The mandatory order has been updated to state that anyone who receives a positive result from a rapid-test kit taken at home must immediately schedule an appointment for a lab-based PCR test at a Public Health assessment centre.


An appointment may be booked online or by calling 811. Anyone who fails to do so will be subject to fines. Peace officers will investigate information received through employer testing programs and from residents to ensure individuals are complying.


Further Questions

If you have any questions, please contact studentservices@stu.ca (students) or hrdirector@stu.ca (faculty, staff).