COVID-19 Administrative Operational Plan

May 23, 2020


The Government of New Brunswick announced the implementation of the Yellow Phase of the Provincial Recovery Framework on May 22 which involves the reopening of more businesses and activities. St. Thomas University can be open to staff and faculty provided we follow Public Health directives including the requirement to have a COVID-19 operational plan that documents measures to assess and mitigate risk consistent with Public Health guidance and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Beginning Monday, May 25, we are moving away from an “essential services” model to a gradual return to campus for staff and faculty—please note that the campus remains closed to students and the public until further notice, and buildings will remain locked.


St. Thomas University Administrative Operational Plan includes a University-wide Administrative Operational Plan, as well as individual plans for each administrative department. The Directors responsible for administrative departments have prepared operational plans based on a gradual return to campus in order to facilitate physical distancing measures. Given the nature of the work and the time of year, the Administrative Plan is a first step in the gradual reopening of campus. It will be followed by an Academic Plan at a later stage.  


The information includes:


  • What to do to in a situation where an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and may have been in the St. Thomas workplace.

  • Instruction on the personal protective equipment required to protect against COVID-19. This will include the selection, use, washing (if applicable), storage, handling, and limitations of non-medical masks.

  • The supervisors’ responsibilities and the employees’ rights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and work-refusal process.

  • The requirement that an employee who has been outside New Brunswick must self-isolate for 14 days after their entry to New Brunswick, and, if they experience symptoms of COVID-19 during that period, must remain self-isolated until they meet the clearance criteria set by the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

  • Additional guidelines and processes established by Public Health applicable to COVID-19.

  • Mental health support is available to all STU employees through our Employee and Family Assistance Program.  

For situations where it is not possible to ensure a physical distance of two meters, employees must wear a non-medical mask. This includes but may not be limited to hallways in ECH, GMH, DDH, and HCH, and when using public washrooms on campus. As a precaution, employees are encouraged to wear a mask when walking across campus or moving around inside a building as they may unexpectedly encounter others (for example, such as when exiting a meeting room or office).  If an area/room is planned to be used in a way where minimal interaction of people within two metres of each other is not possible, the Director of Facilities Management must be contacted so that a visitor and employee log can be implemented.


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If you have a question regarding the Administrative Operational Plan or the policies, procedures and guidelines related to COVID-19, please submit your question to 


Lily Fraser

Vice-President (Finance and Administration)