Probation Period

The purpose of the probationary period is to give the University an opportunity to adequately assess a new employee's performance and suitability for a position. All new administrative and support staff employees will be on probation for the six month period following the commencement of their employment.


During the probationary period the supervisor and the employee must devote special attention and effort to ensure that the responsibilities of the position are being learned, and that the employee is progressing at a satisfactory rate. The probationary period should include at least one performance review meeting between the supervisor and the employee to discuss and document the employee's progress.


In the event that problems or concerns arise during this period, every effort must be made to discuss and resolve them promptly. The supervisor must meet with the employee as soon as possible to ensure that the employee clearly understands the areas of concern. The employee must then be provided with an adequate period of time to change his/her behaviour to acceptable standards. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to document any problems and whether or not they were resolved and to ensure that the employee is provided with a copy of the documentation. Any documentation regarding problems or concerns must be sent to the human resources office for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.


Under certain circumstances the probationary period may be extended by the supervisor. This must be done in consultation with the director of human resources. There must be well documented reasons for the extension which must be clearly communicated to the employee. The reasons and corrective action must be placed in the employee's personnel file.


During the probationary period, the employee shall have all the rights and privileges of other employees with the exception of vacation leave. Employees on probation will be granted vacation leave in exceptional circumstances only.