2010 Conference on the Liberal Arts

International Conference on the Liberal Arts: Looking Back and Moving Forward; the Next 100 Years of Liberal Arts- Confronting the Challenge

September 30 – October 2, 2010 at St. Thomas University

The International Conference on the Liberal Arts: Looking Back and Moving Forward; the Next 100 Years of Liberal Arts- Confronting the Challenge discussed how liberal arts education has been challenged in recent years. For example, by neo-liberalism and corporatization, cutbacks in public funding, changes in the student population, and internationalization. It is with great pleasure that St. Thomas University was able to host this conference with the presence of so many distinguished speakers.

This international scholarly conference was one of a number of scholarly and social events planned by St. Thomas University to celebrate the University’s Centenary. The 100th anniversary of the founding of St. Thomas University, a university dedicated to the Liberal Arts, provided an occasion to critically review and look ahead to the issues and challenges that Liberal Arts universities and colleges experience and will encounter in the future. Focusing specifically on the Liberal Arts, this conference met the need for a focused exploration of the economic, social and academic challenges, their impacts, and strategies of response.

The theme of the conference “Looking Back and Moving Forward: The Next 100 Years of Liberal Arts – Confronting the Challenges” invited academics to explore the achievements and developments within the Liberal Arts but also to look forward and critically assess imminent and future challenges. To assist in this endeavor, the Conference Planning Committee sought noted scholars and authors and sent out a Call for Papers that attracted scholars and students from STU, other Maritime universities, universities across Canada and the United States, and abroad. Keynotes speakers included Ronald Wright, Dorothy Smith and Phillip McShane.

We would like to thank the following conference sponsors:

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
St. Thomas University 
City of Fredericton
Mount Allison University 
Saint Mary's University
University of King's College
University of New Brunswick
Dalhousie University
Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations

The proceedings include papers, PowerPoints, and outlines of workshops, which have been submitted by scholars, practitioners and students who presented at the International Conference on the Liberal Arts (2010). These proceedings provide a good representation of the variety of panels, papers, posters, presentations, and workshops that were presented.

These proceedings are made available with publication support from Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and St. Thomas University. Should you wish to correspond with an author(s) please contact them directly; the e-mail address for each author is included with their paper.

The papers are in .pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
To download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here

Folklore and the Liberal Arts
Ian Brodie

Unpacking the J-school Debate: Are Universities and their Journalism Programmes
Michael Camp

Providing Learner-centered Feedback Using a Variety of Technologies
Jane Costello and Daph Crane

I Sat Down on a Bear Trap just this Morning: The Struggle for Curricular Core Re 
Jean-Philippe Faletta and Jon R. Taylor

Exploring the Role and Influence of Catholic Feminism on the Liberal Arts Campus
Cathy Holtmann, Colleen Grattan Gick, Eleanor McCloskey, Elizabeth W. McGahan, and Paula MacQuarrie

Disenchantment and the Liberal Arts
Robin Lathangue

Liberal Arts in the Post-Colony: Will the Knot ever Untangle?
Jazmin Badong Llana and Fr. Ramonclaro G. Mendez

The Liberal Arts in Anglophone Africa
Grant Lilford

Caging the Animal: An Unfortunate History of the Theremin
Jason MacKinnon

Losing Ground in the “Run Towards Science”: The Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Fred Mason

The Liberal Arts as the Core of Future Science: Part Two
Philip McShane

Stories of Dialogue: Collaborative Reflections from Directors of Free Humanities
Laurie Meredith, Mary Lu Roffey-Redden, Becky Cory, Margot Butler, Doug West, Anne McDonagh, Mark Blackell, Joanne Muzak, and Jill Zmud

Excellence as an Achievement of Contemplation
Dianne Miller

Is Durkheim Right?: The worldview of a classical literary curriculum
Ted Newell

Lifelong Learning in the Liberal Arts: Awakening to the ‘Terrible Beauty’ of Ide
Heather Stephens and Gert Morgenstern 

Dance and the Liberal Arts
Zsuzsanna Szabo-Nyarady

Preparing For What Is To Come - Confronting The Challenge of St. Thomas Universi
Hugh Williams

Committe Members:
John Coates, Conference Chair
Heather Burns Mann, Conference Hospitality Manager
Ian Brodie
Brian Carty
Shelly Colette
Dev Gupta
Corinne Hersey
Shelly Nixon
Robin Vose

For more information, please contact Dr. John Coates, Conference Chair, at jcoates@stu.ca or Heather Mann, Conference Hospitality Manager, at laconfhosting@stu.ca.

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