COVID-19 Update: Accessibility Office Online Services

With the movement to online course solutions the Accessibility Office is working to create an action plan for continuing student accommodation services. How this will look will depend on each professor's online approach.

Once course expectations have been released, you can send any accessibility concerns to our office via email (  We will review the situation, consider the accommodations needed and work with you and your professor to come up with an accommodation plan that supports you in your success.


If the course delivery mode supports it, we will continue providing notes. For those situations that do not, we will assist you in identifying an alternate solution.

Extensions going forward will be on a case by case basis and will continue to be negotiated between yourself and your professor.

Any testing that is done through Moodle will have your extended time applied. Tutoring should be arranged with your tutor using Skype or email. Our office can assist you setting up software that may be needed.