Students Speak

National Survey of Student Engagement

Survey of: 79 Canadian institutions 

Year of Survey: 2017

In the National Survey of Student Engagement, 92% of fourth-year students rate their overall experience at STU as good/excellent. There are reasons why these students rated their STU experience so highly.


Greater Personal Gains in Knowledge and Skills

STU students were significantly more likely than students at other Canadian/Maritime universities to report greater gains in their knowledge, skills, and development by learning how to:

  • Think critically and analytically
  • Write clearly and effectively
  • Speak clearly and effectively
  • Solve complex, real-world problems
  • Become an informed, active citizen

Effective Faculty
STU students rate faculty significantly higher than their Canadian/Maritime counterparts for effective teaching practices such as explaining course goals/requirements, teaching in an organized way, using examples, and providing feedback.

Connecting Education 

Students also gave STU higher grades for social and civic engagement such as:

  • Including diverse perspectives in discussions or assignments
  • Emphasizing events that address important social or political issues
  • Connecting learning to societal issues

Cohesive Learning
STU’s teaching very successfully encourages students to combine ideas from different courses, include diverse perspectives, and examine their own views critically.

Canadian University Survey Consortium

Survey of: Graduating students from St. Thomas 
Year of Survey: 2015

  • 95% agree or strongly agree with the statement “Generally, I am satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received.”
  • 98% agree or strongly agree that their professors “seem knowledgeable in their fields.”
  • 96% agree or strongly agree that their professors “are reasonably accessible outside of class,”
  • 92% agree that professors “communicate well in their teaching,”
  • 92% that professors “treat students as individuals, not just numbers.”
  • 93% agree or strongly agree, “most university support staff are helpful”

The survey found that STU students were:

More likely

  • to have attended campus social events, public lectures, home games, and campus cultural events
  • to participate in community service/volunteer activities
  • to be employed on campus

Skill Development

At a higher percentage than the national averages, STU students reported their education contributed to skills in:

  • Writing clearly and correctly 
  • Thinking logically and analytically 
  • Listening to others to absorb information accurately 
  • Reading to absorb information accurately 
  • Speaking to small groups 
  • Second or third language skills 
  • Thinking creatively to find ways to achieve an objective

Student Life

  • 100% of students who used services for First Nations students were satisfied or very satisfied
  • 100% of students who used academic services for writing skills were satisfied or very satisfied 
  • 95% satisfied or very satisfied with facilities for university-based social activities

National Baccalaureate Graduate Outcome Survey

Survey of: 
41 participating Canadian universities (7 from Maritime Canada)
Year of Survey: 2013 

Graduates from St. Thomas

  • are more satisfied with their credentials than Maritime and Canadian peers who attended other universities
  • are significantly more likely than their Maritime and Canadian peers to go on to earn a second credential (such as a master’s degree, a degree in law, an MBA, or other)
  • are significantly more likely to report engagement with civic issues, social diversity, and lifelong learning
  • and that their university experience contributed to this engagement
  • are more likely to report that their small classes helped them prepare for a career